New Animals that arrived in 2015

Our new baby Zebu Bull Calf names ZanaduIMG_0111IMG_0116IMG_0142IMG_0286IMG_1261IMG_0292IMG_0142 IMG_0129 IMG_0121IMG_0334 IMG_0354 IMG_0355 IMG_0540 IMG_0552 IMG_1247 IMG_1299

Zanadu is now over a year and looking good


Our New Fainting Goats Snickers and Oreo

IMG_0497 IMG_1516 IMG_0726Our New Mini Angora Goats Jacob and Noah

IMG_1095 IMG_1097-001 IMG_1099 IMG_1102Our New Puppy Guard Dogs Cassie and Ash

IMG_0393 IMG_0403 IMG_0381 IMG_0413 IMG_1428 IMG_1439Cassie IMG_1553Ash IMG_1554Ash and Cassie are now 11 month old…. IMG_0698

Our New Lowline Angus Females

IMG_0633 IMG_0685 IMG_0682

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