Around the Farm

Hey, everyone... My name is Olivia Spence and I am the farm owner.... here are some photos of people, things, and events that have been here at our farm..... Hope you enjoy..

Hey, everyone…
Here are some photos of people, things, and events What have been here at our farm.  Hope you enjoy!

Well let’s start with some of the storm damage we had last year….But that’s ok because all the wood we lost was turned into lumber to build a barn in the back field for the boys….

Well lets start with some of the storm damage we had from the storm last was not good...IMG_0266

Well next thing you know here comes fall….And lots of different visitors…..

IMG_0543 IMG_0474  IMG_0469
Next we go into winter time….The llamas love snow….

IMG_8321 IMG_8311

To get things started here are some snow shots we took in the winter....What do you think.....?

IMG_8289 IMG_8306 IMG_8277 IMG_8276 IMG_8315

 Finally I think winter is over so come on Spring…..

2013-07-06 19.26.51 IMG_0173 2013-07-06 19.29.04 2013-07-06 19.28.19 IMG_0235 IMG_0490 IMG_0637 YOU’VE GOT TO LOVE SPRING……LOL…  😉

 As we move closer to summer…..You know what that means…… SHEARING TIME…..

IMG_8642 IMG_8639 IMG_8638 IMG_8634 IMG_8633 IMG_8630

Wow…Glad that’s over…now that no one has any hair…

BRING ON THE HEAT!  Happy Summer everyone!

IMG_8702 IMG_8696 IMG_8675 IMG_8645 IMG_0654 IMG_8692 IMG_8784 IMG_8770 IMG_8813 IMG_8803

We have also had some events at the farm….. Here are some photos we have taken….

IMG_8050 IMG_0536 IMG_0535 IMG_0534 20121024_110533 IMG_8761

Here are just some photos around the farm

IMG_8786 IMG_8575 IMG_8466 IMG_8364 IMG_8442 IMG_8338 IMG_8171 IMG_7786 IMG_7372 IMG_7337 IMG_8366


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